HLA’s Koinonia Families

Koinonia families are: student-led (with adult oversight and guidance) “families” within the HLA student body to achieve our vision and mission: to know, love, and follow Jesus in order to impact the world for Christ.

The Greek word to use for the overall name of the families: Koinonia–means Christian fellowship or community

Purpose: to build a missionally-minded culture amongst the student body where each student is connected to and engaged in a community whose goal is to live life together through prayer, Bible study, character development, and missional outreach (local and international); also an emphasis on leadership development and cultivation for our upper-grade students  

How they function: students in grades 1-8 (kindergarten will not participate) are put into a Koinonia, each koinonia is mixed with all different grade levels, students will stay in the same Koinonia for their entire duration while attending HLA, koinonias meet twice a month as well as other special times throughout the year

Short term vision: cultivating leadership skills and character development in our 7-8 grade students by giving them immediate leadership opportunities (and modeling for younger students to see), fostering the mentality of serving others, implementing servant-leadership principles, taking the gospel to communities by getting involved in local outreach ministries

Long-term vision: continued leadership cultivation and character development for all students, total student ownership of koinonias through upper-grade leadership, monthly/quarterly participation in local outreach programs, mission trips to different parts of the world to share the gospel to unreached people groups.