NAUMS Philosphy of Education

The chart shows the academic benefit of gradually preparing students for direct entrance into college vs. an approach that requires significant adjustments.  On the left side of this diagram is the number of hours each week students are in a classroom guided by a professional teacher.  On the bottom, from left to right, are the ages of students up to 18, the typical age for high school graduation. The bright yellow portion of this diagram is the additional amount of time the University-Model®, in contrast to the traditional model, gives back to parents. According to information gathered by pollster George Barna, the most critical period when 94% of all boys and girls come to a saving faith in Christ is before the age of 18, and 90% before the age of 14. Only 6% will make that decision to accept Christ between the age of 18 and their death. Since parents are the most influential factor in this decision, it is vital that models of education exist that keep parents involved with their children during the early, critical years of a child’s education and spiritual formation.

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